What is The Work of SAHMs?

I found myself in a pickle the other day. Pushing my daughter on the swings, I tried to strike up a convo with another mom. I wanted to know what she does with her non-momming time. “What kind of work do you do?” I started to ask. But, no… She’s a mother, I thought to... Continue Reading →

12 Ways to Savor the Life of a SAHM

In my review of Laura Vanderkam’s Off the Clock, I mentioned that I wanted to share so much more about this book with the subtitle “feel less busy while getting more done.” I just couldn’t fit all the fantastic advice in one post! ‘Cause let’s be real, that catchphrase sums up every stay-at-home mom’s fantasy,... Continue Reading →

Your Greatest Mom Strength QUIZ

Being a parent reveals a lot about yourself; your beliefs, your boundaries, your weaknesses, and also your strengths. These are things you learn about yourself personally, but also about your role as a mom. Do you know your greatest mom strength?  Scroll down to take the quiz and find out! What’s a Mom Strength? As... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Off the Clock

We all need our “mommy only” activities. Reading is one of my favorites, but it takes foresight to schedule this time-consuming luxury. I mentioned in 16 Time & Energy Hacks that I like to have 3 books going at all times: a spiritual read, a fictional read (I often slack on this one), and a practical read.... Continue Reading →

16 Time & Energy Hacks

We all know the two things moms everywhere are always short on—time and energy. Soooo here's some energy and time hacks to give you a leg up, ladies! These tips are guaranteed to help you feel more energized, more relaxed, more yourself!  No batteries required—just a little consideration for mommy, aka the real MVP! More... Continue Reading →

Post-weaning Depression

I want to share something I am going through right now, this very minute. [Remember this later on when you’re like, “Sheesh, dramatic much?”] I’ve been pretty transparent with my breastfeeding/ weaning process. I recently wrote about my weancation, and what a wonderful experience that was! I failed to mention that when I was researching... Continue Reading →

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