12 Tips for Traveling Solo with Kids

So you’re leaving town with the kids, and your spouse isn’t joining you? Don’t panic! Everything is going to be ok. I’ve got some tips and tricks that will make traveling solo with kids SO much easier for you! Is it just me, or does the thought of traveling alone with children send a chill... Continue Reading →

What is The Work of SAHMs?

I found myself in a pickle the other day. Pushing my daughter on the swings, I tried to strike up a convo with another mom. I wanted to know what she does with her non-momming time. “What kind of work do you do?” I started to ask. But, no… She’s a mother, I thought to... Continue Reading →

12 Ways to Savor the Life of a SAHM

In my review of Laura Vanderkam’s Off the Clock, I mentioned that I wanted to share so much more about this book with the subtitle “feel less busy while getting more done.” I just couldn’t fit all the fantastic advice in one post! ‘Cause let’s be real, that catchphrase sums up every stay-at-home mom’s fantasy,... Continue Reading →

Your Greatest Mom Strength QUIZ

Being a parent reveals a lot about yourself; your beliefs, your boundaries, your weaknesses, and also your strengths. These are things you learn about yourself personally, but also about your role as a mom. Do you know your greatest mom strength?  Scroll down to take the quiz and find out! What’s a Mom Strength? As... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Off the Clock

We all need our “mommy only” activities. Reading is one of my favorites, but it takes foresight to schedule this time-consuming luxury. I mentioned in 16 Time & Energy Hacks that I like to have 3 books going at all times: a spiritual read, a fictional read (I often slack on this one), and a practical read.... Continue Reading →

16 Time & Energy Hacks

We all know the two things moms everywhere are always short on—time and energy. Soooo here's some energy and time hacks to give you a leg up, ladies! These tips are guaranteed to help you feel more energized, more relaxed, more yourself!  No batteries required—just a little consideration for mommy, aka the real MVP! More... Continue Reading →

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